Financial Times Latin America Healthcare and Life Sciences Summit

The conference provides a timely opportunity to examine and discuss the major trends shaping the public and private healthcare and life sciences industries of the Latin America region, as well as the emerging opportunities and challenges for investors.

October 25, 2016 | Intercontinental At Doral Miami | Miami, FL

It has been a year of both opportunity and challenge for the Latin America’s life science and healthcare industry. Currency depreciation and a slowing economy have constrained the ability of governments in the region to meet critical healthcare challenges. The Zika outbreak, meanwhile, has drawn attention to the enduring spectre of infectious diseases and the inadequacies of existing healthcare infrastructure, just as a growing epidemic of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) threatens to overwhelm. Yet opportunities for investors in the region abound. Despite the current downturn, total healthcare expenditure is expected to grow significantly in the years ahead; international efforts will be needed to develop and finance vaccines, diagnostics and treatments for infection diseases; the scope for the private sector and for public–private partnerships can be expected to increase as cash-strapped governments try to fill critical infrastructure gaps, and products, service and solutions geared toward and the needs of region’s expanding elderly and chronically ill population –from new drugs, to home care and digital solutions- are a growing niche.

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What will be discussed at FT LATAM Health?

How will the current economic downturn impact investment in healthcare and innovation in Latin America countries and will we see governments turn increasingly to the private sector the fill the gaps?

What are the mechanisms for financing and developing vaccines, diagnostics and treatments for potential emerging public health threats?

What are the pioneering initiatives in Latin America and internationally which are having the biggest/have the potential to have the biggest impact on non-communicable diseases?

What are the Latin American consumer attitudes and expectations of healthcare services, their views and uptake of digital and the changes taking place in healthcare realm, drug pricing, and their relationship to brands?

Will we see Latin America pharmaceutical life sciences and healthcare companies emerge as major players in the global healthcare market?

What are the challenges to innovation (e.g. regulation, incentives) in the region and how can they be addressed?

What are the niches/therapy areas with the greatest opportunity for success in Latin America?

To what extent is digital disruption taking hold in Latin America healthcare markets?

Scheduled speakers

  • Dr. Carissa Etienne, Director, Pan American Health Organization
  • Gary Nabel, Chief Scientific Officer, Sanofi
  • Seema Kumar, Vice President, Innovation, Global Health and Policy Communication, Johnson & Johnson
  • Dr. Roberto Tapia-Conyer, CEO, Carlos Slim Foundation
  • Peter Sands, Chair, Commission on a Global Health Risks Framework for the Future; Senior Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School
  • Marcos Espinal, Head of Department of Communicable Diseases and Health Analysis (CHA), Pan American Health Organization
  • Dr. Pablo Antonio Kuri Morales, Undersecretary of Disease Prevention and Health Policy, Ministry of Health, Mexico
  • Morten Vaupel, General Manager, Mexico, Novo Nordisk
  • Philip Blake, Regional Head of Pharmaceuticals for the Americas, Bayer; President, Bayer Corporation
  • Gerardo Cárdenas Vogel, Director General and CEO, Innovare R&D
  • Xavier Urtubey, Chief Executive, AccuHealth; Chair, Latin-American & Caribbean Chapter, American Telemedicine Association
  • Jan Groen, President and Chief Executive Officer, MDx Health
  • Nanette Cocero, Regional Head of Latin America for the Global Innovative Pharma Business (GIPB), Pfizer
  • Professor Anita Cava, Director, Business Ethics Program; Co-Director, University of Miami Ethics Programs
  • Wilson Savino, Director, Oswald Cruz Institute
  • Sean Slovenki, President, Population Health, Healthways
  • Dr Mohan Chellappa, President, Global Ventures, EVP, Johns Hopkins Medicine International

Who you might see while attending FT LATAM Health