Seizing sell-side M&A opportunities in Brazil

Prepare to take advantage of increasing deal-making activity

Although 2017 M&A deal activity in Brazil may have been slowed, in part, by the country’s unsettled political and economic conditions, in recent months there have been clear signs that M&A activity—including divestitures—is resuming and has the potential to strengthen in 2018.

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It appears that growing numbers of Brazilian-based corporations and multinationals with in-country operations may divest non-core businesses in the coming year. Many local companies that acquired assets and/or diversified operations prior to Brazil’s current financial crisis are selling select businesses to raise cash to pay down debt, strengthening their balance sheets, and investing in market segments where they can gain or grow a competitive advantage. Some multinationals are also divesting non-core operations as a way to refocus their portfolio on products, markets, and even countries where they want to concentrate efforts.

This article uses findings from Deloitte’s 2017 Latin America Mergers & Acquisitions Study to identify sellers’ reasons for divesting; important factors when choosing prospective buyers; and key seller tasks to execute a rapid and smooth divestiture transaction.

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