Tax Analytics: from the inside out

It's clear that some companies are beginning to address the area of tax analytics, particularly within tax planning. Those firms that have begun to adopt analytical approaches have discovered benefits, but specific issues and prerequisites remain to be addressed before tax analytics will be widespread. Deloitte interviewed several directors of tax and tax information technology in large global companies. The firms were primarily in the energy and financial services industries.

The (not so artistic) state of the art

Although tax was a numerically-focused field from the beginning, many tax management departments within companies have been slow to adopt analytics. In order to gain knowledge about some of the reasons for the lack of analytical activity in the field, and to understand what progress has been made, this paper discusses:

  • What are tax analytics?
  • Why is tax historically not very analytical?
  • Increasing demand for tax analytics
  • What kinds of tax analytics?
  • Data infrastructure for more tax analytics
  • A human infrastructure for tax analytics
  • Moving forward with tax analytics
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