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Making partner, making an impact

Follow your passion could be Anna Chapman's motto. Right out of university, she joined one of the Big Four in the UK to work in their global employer services practice. She climbed the ladder coordinating global mobility services and providing personal tax services for clients' high net worth senior executives. Then, 14 years into her career, she found herself at a crossroads.

"I was about to get on the partner track and could have stayed where I had started my career. But my professional passions were global employer services and in particular the high net worth market," says Anna, "and I was looking for a practice where I could grow my business." At tax industry events, Anna met senior leaders from the Deloitte UK Global Employer Services (GES) High Net Worth London team. They had a great reputation for serving clients in the GES space, and Deloitte UK was, she knew, at that time, the only Big Four to have a dedicated, well-established service line focused on high net worth individuals as part of its GES business. Anna knew her skills were a natural fit for the team, but that she also wanted to stay on track for progression to partner.

In 2011, with a clear view and timeline for advancing to partner and a roster of high-profile clients, Anna moved to the Deloitte UK GES team. "I wanted to join an organization where I would become a partner doing the things I'm good at, playing to my skills," says Anna, "and where I would be a highly valued member of a team committed to growth." 

When the Deloitte UK GES team responded to an RFP from a US-headquartered, global financial services firm in 2013, Anna's high net worth experience was crucial to the win. "The client, like most financial services firms, has a large number of high net worth employees," Anna says. "This win and the experience we had with these individuals contributed to the success of the engagement and with Deloitte going on to gain its leading position in the GES financial services market."The win also put Anna at a second major career crossroads.

The client and their Deloitte engagement teams needed Anna's skills in NY. Working outside the UK had always been something she had wanted to do. Her husband was at home with the children, and he was also keen to make the move, but professionally, the timing could have been better as she was about to go through the partner process with Deloitte UK. "Deloitte leadership is committed to making sure that GES operates truly globally and can move people at crucial times in their careers without affecting their progress going forward," says Anna. "I talked to my family and teams in the UK and the US and went ahead with the move. Then, I made partner in Deloitte Tax LLP in the US the next year, which was great." 

In the US, Anna is working to develop and replicate a GES high net-worth practice with similar expertise, capabilities, and differentiated services to the Deloitte practice in the UK. "When serving high net worth individuals for GES," Anna says, "I have Deloitte's reputation in my hands. My clients are key decision makers. The quality of work I deliver can influence whether they choose Deloitte for their next services engagement or go with another firm."

Anna has seen firsthand how flexibility, wellness, and family are valued at Deloitte and make a positive impact on people and the organization. "I am honest and share with my team and clients the things that are important to me outside of work,"says Anna. "Seeing the things I do to make my life work, I believe, helps my team to balance their commitments and passions, and helps reassure my clients that I'm here for them and ready to respond to their needs." 

What is the next crossroads for Anna? Another international assignment? She wouldn't say no. "If anybody asks me for advice, I always fully support the experience of an international assignment," she concludes. "It can have an extraordinarily positive impact on your growth and career development. I have been able to work internationally and progress to partner on my timeline. It's exciting."

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