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International Migration Solutions

In today’s fast moving, global, competitive business environment, a holistic, efficient and effective migration management is of critical importance. Our highly experienced International Migration Solutions Services team can assist organisations for their physical set-up in Cyprus and to manage the global mobility of overseas nationals (EU, non-EU and dependants), by providing specialised migration assistance and ensuring an easy and seamless relocation of individuals and their families to Cyprus

Consultation & Immigration Compliance

Deloitte can assist individuals for assessing the relocation plan, taking into consideration specific personal factors and characteristics, and provide support in the relocation logistics, including obtaining any necessary residence and/or employment permits to legalise their stay and employment in Cyprus.

Relocation to Cyprus and Settlement

Through the whole process, Deloitte can guide individuals throughout their relocation process as well as to ensure their smooth and easy induction to Cyprus. This includes providing advisory support in various key areas of importance, including schooling, domestic assistance, leisure activities, health and medical care, transportation and banking.

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George Pantelides

George Pantelides

Consulting Leader

George is the Consulting Services Leader and is also the HR Partner and Chief Strategic Officer of the Firm. He has significant experience in Strategy & Operations, Technology and Human Capital Servic... More