Kick start the next industrial revolution with a customer-centric approach.

Deloitte Digital’s Cloud4M, powered by Salesforce is designed to support the end-to-end customer engagement process, from marketing to purchase to service. Cloud4M helps clients better understand their customers so that clients can connect with them in new ways and orchestrate great experiences.

Cloud4M will help clients capitalize on Industry 4.0 opportunities with an offering of a pre-configured software and an iterative implementation approach that can be transformative for their business. In addition, clients can benefit from a pre-packaged app that provides a ready-to-install solution for complex B2B selling, leveraging the newest Salesforce innovations.

The design-led implementation approach includes user research that supports the development of relevant personas and user journeys across their organization, including sales, service, partners, and end-customers. Clients can realize value throughout the customer lifecycle, and ultimately, improve productivity, field service quality, and sales predictions beyond the point of purchase. Cloud4M will help move clients towards a true digital transformation, putting the customer at the center of the business.

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