Art of Success

Support for Young Talented Artists

The Art of Success is Deloitte's unique philanthropic project for supporting young, talented artists. Launched in 2009, we presented them with an offer of co-operation as we are fascinated by talent in all areas of human activity and like to participate in its development. The way to success – in art and in business – often leads through common values, such as vision, courage, zeal, knowledge and intuition.

Art of Success

In the first two stages of the project, the addressed artists created original representations of these values in their works. The interconnection of the worlds of art and business in the first two phases of the project was not related only to the five key values. This mutual symbiosis was also reflected in our co-operation with a number of economic media. The works of art were exhibited at conferences and seminars, under the patronage of Deloitte and these media. Key business personalities thus had the opportunity to get to know to the unique works of these young artists.

All the works of art acquired by Deloitte, which included paintings from the first phase and photographs from the second phase of the project, were auctioned via a renowned auction house, Dorotheum. The proceeds from the auction were invested in an educational project of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and used for the support of the Czech Committee for UNICEF.


Jindřich Chalupecký Award

As a natural continuation of the previous stages of the Art of Success project, Deloitte began to co-operate with the Jindřich Chalupecký civic association and has become the general partner of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award, which helps talented young artists up to 35 years of age achieve international recognition.

Innovation in Art
Deloitte's project entitled "Innovation in Art" supports the development of new technologies used by young sculptors – students of the Faculty of Fine Arts BUT – in their artwork. The innovative technique used to create these works of art includes 3D printing and 3D scanning and enables the artist to create an exact design of the artwork on a computer and subsequently print it using a special polymer without the necessity of further adjustments. The project takes place under the patronage of Michal Gabriel, professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts BUT and laureate of 1995 Chalupecký Award.

Art of Success

At certain periods, clients and employees can view the artworks in Deloitte's client suite.

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