Průzkum v oblasti firemního výzkumu a vývoje v roce 2018


Czech companies increase their research and development expenses, but they are hindered by the unclear interpretation of support rules

Survey in the area of corporate research and development in 2018

More and more Czech companies want to invest in research and development (R&D), but in recent years their interest has been hindered by the unclear interpretation of the rules and the resulting high risk of subsequent necessity to refund the support. Another problem is the lack of qualified research workers. What other results did the new survey of Deloitte and the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic bring?

Research and development in the environment of Czech companies in numbers

  • Almost a third of the companies said that they had invested more than 10% of their revenue in research and development in 2017. Only 2% of the respondent companies did not incur any research and development expenses. For comparison – two years earlier it was as much as 27% of enterprises.
  • The decisions of companies to invest in research and development are most commonly affected by three factors: the availability of qualified and experienced workers (66%), the possibility to use multiple types of support (58%) and the stability and transparency of the regulatory environment (54%). 
  • Up to 69% of the companies have an understanding of R&D grants and use them; other financial tools that the companies know of include loan/credit, capital contribution and grants with conditioned return. 
  • When assessing the current system of financial support for research and development, the companies (59%) saw the biggest problem by far in the uncertainty of the assessment of grants or tax deductions by tax or other auditing authorities.

Results of the survey in the Czech Republic – October 2018

Download the study (PDF CZ)

How willing are enterprises to invest in research and development? Do they have a sufficient understanding of the possibilities of public financial support? How is the Czech Republic doing in this respect compared to other EU states? Read the survey prepared by Deloitte and the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, which involved 109 respondents from the ranks of Czech businesses. Download the analysis Tax and Grant Support of Research and Development Activities.