Company CEOs are no longer under pressure from the global financial crisis and plan to focus mainly on strategy and performance

Prague, 15 July 2014 – Company CEOs are no longer burdened by the global economic recession. While a year ago, dealing with the economic crisis was the priority for 43% of CEOs, it now remains a key issue for only a fifth of them. Strategy and performance are the key topics for the CEOs of global companies this year. While globally more than a half of company CEOs are emphasising strategy (52%), almost two thirds of CEOs (65%) are planning to focus on strategy in the Czech Republic. These are some of the findings of the new  Deloitte Director 360° (PDF) study, in which over 317 CEOs from around the whole world, including the Czech Republic, took part. 

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“CEOs around the world are no longer so burdened by the issue of the global financial crisis. Based on the answers provided in the survey, it seems company directors are becoming more and more convinced that the markets are beginning to recover from the crisis. Czech CEOs are going to focus more intensively on strategy, performance, and growth in the upcoming year,” commented Jan Spáčil, leader of the Deloitte Corporate Governance Centre in the Czech Republic. 

“On the other hand, they are likely to dedicate less and less time to certain issues connected with the financial crisis, which they paid great attention to in recent years. These topics include, in particular, the global financial crisis and market recovery, and political and social insecurity. For financial reasons, they probably won’t be paying as much attention to other important issues such as fighting corruption and fraud, which will be harmful for the whole Czech market,” added Jaroslava Ignáciková from the Deloitte Corporate Governance Centre in the Czech Republic.

The six most significant factors that are a priority for CEOs this year

Priorities for company CEOs


In the Czech Rep.


52 %

65 %


35 %

29 %

Regulation, company administration and management, compliance with rules

32 %

18 %

Risk management

23 %

18 %


21 %

24 %

Global financial crisis and recovery

20 %

29 %


In the Czech Republic, 65% of CEOs stated that strategy had been the most substantial issue their boards of directors had discussed in the past 12 months. Other topics discussed included the global financial crisis and recovering from it (29.41%), performance (29.4%), growth (23.5%), and value for shareholders or investors (29.41%). However, there are a large number of issues that boards of directors have not been dealing with at all during the past year. We may mention, for example, fighting corruption and fraud, striving for diversity, sustainability, and other things.

The figures regarding the issues of regulation, corporate governance, and compliance with rules have seen the largest decrease compared to last year’s survey. In 2012, 40% of boards of directors were dealing with this issue, while in 2013 it was only 18%. There was another major decrease concerning the issue of the global financial crisis and recovery from it, displaying a figure of almost 30% in 2013, as compared to 50% in 2012. 30% of boards of directors were discussing the organisational structure of their companies in 2012, while only 12% were dealing with the issue in 2013.

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