Czech Companies Rank among the Largest in the Region

Prague, 3 September 2014 – Czech companies rank among the 500 largest companies by revenue in the Central and South-eastern European region. Annually, one in six companies ranking among the region’s 500 largest is based in the Czech Republic – ie, 79 Czech companies are ranked in this year’s edition of the Deloitte CE TOP 500. The car manufacturer Škoda Auto is the most successful Czech company for the fourth time (taking third place in the overall rankings), followed by ČEZ (sixth position overall) and RWE Supply & Trading CZ (twelfth place overall). Agrofert Holding completed the top-twenty Czech companies (seventeenth position overall).  

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“One of the biggest climbers in this year’s ranking is TRW Polska, a Polish producer and supplier of spare parts for the car industry; Neonet, a Polish internet store; and Dalkia Polska, a producer and supplier of heating and electricity. The biggest Czech climber in the ranking is the Vítkovice engineering group; and Energetický a průmyslový holding, which pursued interesting transactions in the last year,” commented David Marek, Director of Financial Advisory at Deloitte.

The energy company ČEZ retained its top position, followed by the Polish banks PKO Bank Polski and Pekao, according to market capitalisation. As for the ranking of Czech companies, Komerční banka took eighth place and O2 Czech Republic took twenty-first position.

The total revenues of Czech companies in the CE TOP 500 decreased by 9% year-on-year, dropping to EUR 116.9 billion. This corresponds to 16% of the total sales of EUR 712 billion jointly achieved by the CE TOP 500 companies. 

With respect to individual industries, significant success was achieved by the Czech financial sector, with banks and insurance companies doing particularly well. ČSOB retained second position in the ranking of banks, followed by Česká spořitelna (4th) and Komerční banka (6th). In the ranking of insurance companies, Česká pojišťovna took second place, while Kooperativa pojišťovna ranked fourth. The manufacturing sector is dominated by the car manufacturer Škoda Auto, while Agrofert Holding took fifth place and Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech ended in ninth position. In the ranking of construction businesses, second place belongs to Metrostav and seventh position to Strabag. 

The leading positions in the regional ranking are occupied by companies from the energy and resources sector. The consumer and transportation sectors had the most companies in the CE TOP 500 (an increase from 159 to 174), followed by companies from the energy and resources sector (a slight decrease from 150 to 146) and the manufacturing sector (a drop from 128 to 113).

The largest increase in revenue in 2013 was recorded by manufacturing industry, nearly 3 per cent. It resulted mainly from the good condition of the automotive industry. Over the last year, several global companies from this sector started further investing in Central Europe (including Romania, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary). In turn, the consumer goods sector grew by only 1.1 percent. Last year, it was up 4.8 percent. Industry TMT (technology, media and communication) from several years affects the decline in average income (in 2013 - 4.9 percent.). Sector, which for the second year in a row saw the biggest drop (-15.7 per cent.) is the real estate and construction industry.

The leading positions in the ranking are occupied by companies from Poland (161), followed by the Czech Republic (79), Hungary (63), Ukraine (53) and Romania (42).

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The CE TOP 500 ranking was compiled based on the consolidated revenues of companies from 18 countries of Central and South-eastern Europe in the financial year 2013. The evaluation is based on revenues reported by a particular legal entity operating in Central and South-eastern Europe. In cases where revenue for the fiscal year 2013 was not available, our analysts used the reported 2012 revenue instead of the 2013 data.

Deloitte has gained the information by approaching the companies on an individual basis, from annual reports, publicly-available sources and estimates based on a comparison with last years’ results and our own research.

The list of major CE companies by revenues does not include companies that were invited to participate in the ranking, but that informed us in writing or verbally that they would not be participating this year.

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