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Deloitte changes its logo and visual style of communication

Do you remember what you were doing thirteen years ago?

The year was 2003. The Czech Republic made the decision in a referendum to enter the EU. Deloitte had a mandate to advise on the restructuring of Vítkovice. Phones with built-in cameras appeared on the market. Apple introduced iTunes. Facebook didn’t exist. Remember?

And right at that time, Deloitte came up with its green dot which brought with it a clear message: We are here. Remember us. We are Deloitte. Full stop.

Thirteen year is a long time in human life. You can finish your studies, gain work experience, start a family, build a new home. It is a long enough time to realise what you want to do, but especially how you want to do it. And get ready for a change.

The same is true for brands. What was once fresh and edgy becomes, in the context of all the modern changes and the speed at which modern society develops, practically commonplace. Or worse: outdated.

Thirteen years is a long enough time for a company to find a stable place on the market and start building on the values that distinguish it from the competition.

But it has now been thirteen years since Deloitte changed. And so the time for a change has come.

Starting in mid-June 2016, we are changing the visual style of communication and unifying the Deloitte brand so that everyone will have the same perception of it, regardless of where they are in the world, what business they interact with, or what form of communication they use to reach member firm professionals. All the core elements that comprise Deloitte’s visual identity (logo, graphics, colours, font, website, brochures) will start to change today.

What awaits us 13 years from now? We don’t know. What’s indispensable today can become stale quickly. But what do we already know today? That the importance of making an impact that matters will endure. Our purpose is timeless. The brand will continue to modernise, as we need it to. But always in a way to ensure Deloitte stands out among its competitors.

Because we do what matters. And we will continue to do it. We are Deloitte.

Josef Kotrba, Office Managing Partner Deloitte Czech Republic

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