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CE TOP 500: A Total of 79 Czech Companies Rank among the Largest Central-European Companies

Prague, 9 September 2015 – In the year-on-year comparison, the same number of Czech companies (a total of 79) rank among the 500 largest companies by revenue in the region of Central and South-Eastern Europe. For the fifth consecutive year, the car manufacturer Škoda Auto is the most successful Czech company (taking third place in the overall ranking), followed by ČEZ (eighth overall position) and Agrofert Holding (12th overall). The Top 20 also includes RWE Supply & Trading CZ (15th overall). These are the key findings of the 9th edition of the Deloitte CE TOP 500 ranking.

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“Czech companies in the CE TOP 500 ranking have retained stable representation and confirmed their competitiveness. Through cost-saving measures and increased efficiency, they achieved very good results despite lower sales,” said Josef Kotrba, Managing Partner of Deloitte Czech Republic. “A more-significant decrease resulting from economic instability was reported by Ukrainian companies; their representation in the CE TOP 500 ranking decreased from 53 to 32 year-on-year,” he added.

The total revenues of Czech companies in CE TOP 500 saw a slight decrease of 3.7% year-on-year, reaching EUR 112.6 billion. This corresponds to 16% of total sales, amounting to EUR 682 billion, which were jointly achieved by the CE TOP 500 companies.  

“Compared to the previous year, major improvements were achieved by the Romanian retail chain ‘Auchan’, the Slovakian transmission system operator ‘SEPS’ and the Croatian operator of the distribution system ‘HEP – Operator’. Of the Czech companies, the car importer ‘Porsche Česká republika’, the importer of tobacco products and smoking accessories ‘GECO’ and the construction company ‘Eurovia CS’ soared in the ranking,” said Jan Marek, partner in the Financial Advisory function of Deloitte.

With respect to individual industries, significant success was achieved by the Czech financial sector, namely banks and insurance companies. Komerční banka took 4th place in the ranking of banks, followed by Česká spořitelna (5th), ČSOB (7th) and UniCredit Bank (10th). In the ranking of insurance companies, there are two Czech insurance companies in the Top 10: Česká pojišťovna (3rd) and Kooperativa pojišťovna (5th). The manufacturing sector is dominated by the Škoda Auto car manufacturer; Agrofert Holding took fifth place and the car manufacturer ‘Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech’ ended in ninth position. In the ranking of construction businesses, Metrostav placed third and Eurovia CS ended sixth.   

The leading positions in the ranking are traditionally occupied by companies from the energy and resources as well as manufacturing sectors. The consumer and transportation sectors had the most companies in the CE TOP 500 (an increase from 174 to 178 companies), followed by companies from the energy and resources sector (a slight decrease from 146 to 138 companies) and the manufacturing sector (an increase from 113 to 124 companies).

The ranking is dominated by companies from Poland (170), followed by companies from the Czech Republic (79), Hungary (66), Romania (46), Slovakia (33) and Ukraine (32).

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The CE TOP 500 ranking was compiled based on consolidated revenues of companies from 18 countries of Central and South-Eastern Europe in the financial year 2014. The evaluation is based on revenues reported by a particular legal entity operating in Central and South-Eastern Europe. In cases where revenue for the fiscal year 2014 was not available, our analysts used the reported 2013 revenue instead of the 2014 data.

Deloitte has gained the information by approaching the companies on an individual basis, from annual reports, publicly-available databases, estimates based on a comparison with last years’ results and our own research.

The list of major companies from the region by revenues does not include companies that were invited to participate in the ranking, but that informed us in writing or verbally that they would not be participating this year.

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