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The New Selling Prices Map has Attracted Thousands of Users during the First Week since its Launch

Prague, 17 February 2015 – At the beginning of February, Společnost pro cenové mapy ČR, in cooperation with Deloitte, launched a new version of the application that gives its users information on the prices of residential real estate in the Czech Republic. The application is available at Almost three thousand users have registered for the Selling Prices Map during the first week since its launch. 

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“Of course we had certain doubts before launching the full version of the application, available also to the general public. It was very difficult to estimate how much the public would be interested in the actual prices of real estate. However, the results of the first week have surpassed all expectations. Last week on Wednesday, for example, there were about 100 new registrations per hour,” said Milan Roček, statutory executive of Společnost pro Cenové mapy, the company that runs the Selling Prices Map. “We were also pleasantly surprised by the new wave of interest from specialists who have been operating on the real estate market for a long time, especially experts, real estate agents and financial advisors. We have seen several hundred requests for access to the Selling Prices Map during the first week,” added Roček.

“The Selling Prices Map is the first application of its kind, as it is based on the actual selling prices of real estate recorded at the cadastral offices. The application processes the most extensive database of information on the actual selling prices of apartments and houses and presents them in a well-organised manner. It uses a clear and easy-to-use form to sort this information by the types of real estate and the regions where the properties are located,” added Diana Rádl Rogerová, Deloitte’s CEE real estate industry leader.

For professionals (ie experts), real estate and mortgage brokers, notaries, lawyers and others, the price map is a user-friendly, simple work tool for everyday use. It provides detailed summary information on real estate to banks and other financial institutions.

“The price map will mostly be used by specialists, particularly by experts, real estate or mortgage brokers. Thanks to the price map of selling prices, it will be possible to find out the fair value of an apartment or house at any given time and work with the information. This will help speed up and simplify the transactions related to the desired real estate,” added Petr Hána, Deloitte’s real estate manager.

In which situations can the Price Map help you?

  • The purchase and sale of a house or apartment;
  • Property settlement in a family;
  • Estimate of the real estate price;
  • Taking out a mortgage, etc.

For more information on the Selling Prices Map, please visit

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