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Deloitte in Cooperation with Prague Startup Centre to Accelerate Business for Start-ups

Prague, 7 April 2016 – In collaboration with Prague Startup Centre, Deloitte launched a pilot project with the aim of accelerating the business of start-ups by way of utilising their innovative solutions. Given the synergy of an international professional services firm and Prague Startup Centre, start-ups in the Czech Republic will concentrate on establishing robust partner and investor relations. Deloitte has already delivered successful projects supporting start-up business for Alidea, CleverMaps, CZ Bric, Elon Medical, and Sithold.

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“It is a unique pilot project which interconnects the know-how of an international professional services firm and an established alliance in support of business. A similar concept has already been successful abroad. Deloitte helps start-up businesses find an appropriate use for their innovative solutions among Deloitte’s clients and identifies suitable areas of innovation. Additionally, we assist in preparing a business plan or presentations for investors,” said Radek Muška, Senior Manager in the Advisory function of Deloitte.

The cooperation also involves searching for business potential, setting up business relations with customers or sales channels, looking for investors (individually or through Deloitte member firms) and assisting the start-ups in realising transactions.

“Deloitte is a partner of a number of major companies not only in the Czech Republic but also at the global level. The main objective of Prague Startup Centre is to assist innovative start-up companies in finding new clients and investors. In cooperation with Deloitte, we will establish a unique platform with a high added value for start-ups across the Czech Republic,” commented Michal Zálešák, Director of Prague Startup Centre, on the cooperation with Deloitte.

“Deloitte assessed IT security of the entire developed infrastructure and customer service. Deloitte’s opinion on the level of security helped us obtain key projects and references of major international clients. Other outputs of our cooperation related to developing a marketing strategy and support in preparing presentations for two conferences which were successful for,” said Michal Rozehnal, Director of, which focuses on on-line financial reporting and planning.

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