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Deloitte’s Comments on the Cancellation of the Toll Tender in the Czech Republic

Prague, 7 January 2016 – Today the Czech Antimonopoly Office has provided the proceedings’ participants with its ruling on the cancellation of the contract concluded for the public tender entitled “Services of a Technical/Organisational Advisor for the E-Toll System” awarded under a negotiated procedure without prior publication by the Ministry of Transportation to Deloitte Advisory s.r.o. in October 2015.

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“Given that the period for preparing the operation of the toll system post 2016 is getting shorter and shorter, in view of the expiry of the contract with the current toll system operator we considered it logical at that time for the Ministry of Transportation to use Deloitte’s know-how and team,” said Jiří Vítek, Director in the Consulting function at Deloitte and a major expert in tolling systems and issues in the Czech Republic.

The team that Deloitte assembled for performing the engagement comprised experts that have been engaged in e-toll issues for almost 15 years in a number of European countries, including the Czech Republic. As part of previous projects, these advisors gained unique insights and experience that the Ministry of Transportation might have benefited from in its efforts to ensure the continued operation of the toll system.

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