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Corporate Social Responsibility

We help where it is needed. We help those who cannot do it alone.

We Help Others. As a Matter of Course.

We see CSR activities as integral to our business and abide by the rule that successful people should help those whose lives have been harder. So we help. This does not only entail financial support, we also provide advisory on what is closest to us – such as accounting, audit or other specialist advisory.

Decision as to who we will assist is made in cooperation with our employees. We favour long-term assistance for the same projects as we see this kind of support as having the greatest impact.

At present, we place emphasis on education and focus on supporting the elderly, students with disabilities and the Hospital of the Sisters of Mercy of St. Charles Borromeo.

“We often ask if we have done the right thing, if we have achieved the desired result and have done it in the right way. Or if the given right thing helped all those involved in it and was meaningful. Now, let’s stop asking and let’s help.”

Luděk Hanáček
CSR Leader

We Help Visually Challenged People Master Technology
We support ICT workshops in the Teiresiás Centre

The Teiresiás Centre of the Masaryk University in Brno organises workshops focusing on special information technology for visually challenged users. We provide financial support for the realisation of the workshops covering the entire cost of organisation, which enables offering both workshops free of charge.

The first Agory workshop took place on 13 and 14 May 2017 in the Teiresiás Centre in Brno and focused, for example, on the following topics: Testing the accessibility of Android applications in practice, Advanced use of Linux by a visually challenged user and practical issues, such as saving life without eyesight or downloading books and movies.

The Elderly: Life 90 Association

The elderly cannot be regarded only as sick and old people who have nothing to offer to society. Life does not end with old age.

We have been working with Ústav Život 90 (the “Life 90 Association” in English) since 2008, whereby the association has been using the funds it has been donated mainly in providing the elderly with emergency care.

We newly focus on providing education support. As today’s world is full of innovations and pitfalls, the elderly face numerous challenges in their day-to-day lives. For this reason, we consider learning computer skills and gaining legal knowledge to be of utmost importance nowadays. The same applies to foreign language classes, which help the elderly exercise their memory and thus enhance mental well-being even at an advanced age.

Students with Disabilities

We assist them in pursuing degrees in various fields, in spite of their disabilities.

So far we have provided support to students of the Technical University of Liberec, University of Economics, Prague, or Masaryk University in Brno.

Hospital of Sisters of Mercy of St. Charles Borromeo

We started working with the Hospital of Sisters of Mercy of St. Charles Borromeo in Prague in 2014. Since then, we have provided the hospital with financial assistance through corporate donations, specifically for acquiring modern operating theatre equipment or an X-ray machine for the dentist’s surgery.

Charity Days

Deloitte’s atrium has become a traditional venue for hosting sales events for charitable organisations. Thanks to a nice atmosphere, enthusiasm and active participation on the part of Deloitte’s employees and partners, we always succeed in collecting substantial funds; the organisations we support mostly use it for purchasing new medical devices and other equipment.

Pro Bono Activities

Deloitte’s employees give advice on what they are specialists in. They assist various organisations with audit, accounting, finance, taxes, legal issues or advisory. Such assistance is of key importance for numerous non-profit organisations as they often have a hard time financing such services themselves.

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Financial assistance, provision of know-how or the sharing of specialist knowledge free of charge are not the only things that are needed. Sometimes, things need to be mended, painted, built or redone. Every year, our employees in Prague, Plzeň, Brno and Ostrava participate in various volunteering projects and help organisations where necessary.

We have set up a Deloitte Volunteer Programme for our employees from which they can select year-long activities or one-off events in which to support various non-profit organisations. They can participate with the use of their “hands – head – money” depending on whichever form they prefer. Some send a financial contribution while others assist through their specialist knowledge or manually. Moreover, up to 8 hours of paid leave can be used for volunteering.

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