Social Progress Index 2019

Czech Republic ranks 24th in terms of quality of life

  • The Czech Republic’s ranking has improved but the number of points has dropped
  • The world is on average between China and Saudi Arabia
  • Globally, the situation of human rights is deteriorating

The Czech Republic ranked 24th in the Social Progress Index 2019. The ranking is prepared every year by the non-profit organisation Social Progress Imperative and Deloitte. It is based on data on social and economic development and the environment.

This year’s index compares 149 countries (3 more than last year) and covers 98% of the world’s population. The three highest-scoring countries are Norway, Denmark and Switzerland, while Chad, Central African Republic and South Sudan have the worst results.

Although the Czech Republic has moved two places up, its number of points is slightly lower. It ranks behind Korea and ahead of Estonia, which has overtaken the United States. The Czech Republic is second out of the “new” EU countries, after Slovenia, which ended up 21st.

If 100 people lived in the world…

… 89 would have access to electricity, 73 would have access to basic sanitation facilities, 63 would have access to piped water, 48 would have access to the internet, 32 would have an area that is a good place to live for gay people and 11 people would be malnourished.

And if the world were a single country, it would rank between China (89th place) and Saudi Arabia (90th place). From a global perspective, the most significant improvements were achieved in the area of shelter, level of drinking water and hygiene, access to information and access to higher education.

Complete results of the Social Progress Index 2019 can be found here.