Social Progress Index 2018

Czech Republic Placed 26th Regarding Quality od Life

  • The Czech Republic gained points, but dropped in rankings
  • The World as a state ranks between Botswana and Philippines
  • The state of human rights is worsening worldwide

The Czech Republic took 26th place in the international Social Progress Index 2018. The annual ranking is prepared by the non-profit organisation Social Progress Imperative together with Deloitte, using data on social and economic developments and the environment.

This year, the index compares 146 countries (18 more than last year), covering 98% of the world population. The highest score was recorded by a triplet comprising Norway, Iceland and Switzerland. On the other hand, bottom places were taken by Afghanistan, Chad and the Central African Republic.

A glimpse of the ranking shows that the Czech Republic dropped by four places from the 22nd position last year. However, this year’s score – 84.66/100 – was an increase from 84.22/100 in 2017, which placed the Czech Republic just below the USA. Moreover, the Czech Republic took second place, closely following Slovenia, in the evaluation of the “new” EU countries.

If the world had 100 people…
… 46 would have access to the Internet, 58 to access to an independent media, 87 would have electricity, 63 would have access to piped water, 68 would have access to basic sanitation facilities, 11 would be malnourished, and 28 would live in a place which is friendly to homosexuals.

If the entire world were a single country, it would fall between Botswana (89th) and the Philippines (90th) in the ranking. Regarding points, the world would drop by 1.39 points (64.85 in 2017 and 63.46 in 2018), predominantly in human rights.

The complete information from the Social Progress Index 2018 is available here.