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We believe that changes are inevitable, and innovation is never optional. At Deloitte, we actively combine initiatives and discipline to transform them into innovations that solve problems. We develop projects, partnerships, and events that empower and connect communities with the future.
We are #TomorrowByDeloitte

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Our projects

We connect with communities as we believe that people give meaning and direction to future innovation. Our projects are mainly educational and innovative with possibilities to meet and network with talented individuals as we involve participants from diverse backgrounds.

  • Deloitte for Schools

    The coronavirus pandemic closed Czech schools overnight and forced them to switch to online teaching. Deloitte's innovation team helped prepare a series of webinars to train school principals, teachers and students on navigating online teaching using Google and Microsoft platforms in an unprecedented situation. Dozens of external speakers and experts from Deloitte participated in a lively online training and discussions.

  • Meetups

    We organize Meetups for university students to discuss future employment trends. Each Meetup is unique not only in its topic, but also in its innovativeness, where we combine traditional lectures with interactive discussion, practical tasks and competitions. Participants of Meetups have so far had the opportunity to improve in analytical and critical thinking, learn the basics of complex problem solving or learn how to work with creativity. Through this program, we open the possibilities for students to start their career at Deloitte.

  • KidsXO

    KidsXO is a special project we create for children as our future leaders and innovators. Our goal is to let young generation develop their unique talents and introduce them to the technologies of the future. Interactive meetings organized by our KidsXO club allow our participants to regularly connect with the best people in science and technology, visit interesting places, and discover the world of innovation. So far, KidsXO participants have managed to send codes to ISS, discover the magic of 3D printing, program Ozobots, and even taste the food of the future.

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  • SheXO

    SheXO Club is a strong community connecting successful women from Czech science and business field that we started to hold in 2014. Each meeting is unique in its concept, theme, and place. The community encourages members to step out of their comfort zone and debunk ingrained stereotypes about women. The past events took place in the botanical garden in Troja, the Eli Beamlines Laser center, and at the Institute of Molecular Genetics. More SheXO events to come.

  • 3XO

    With 3XO Club, senior citizens have access to learning how to navigate lives in the era of technology and innovation. They will not only befriend the technology of everyday life, but also learn how to overcome pitfalls of the era. In the last gathering of 3XO, club members learned how to reveal fraud emails so they can better protect themselves against one of the most prevalent tech scams. We are committed to continue empowering seniors to keep up with technology.

  • Advanced Education

    With almost three decades of experience in technology and innovation industry, the head of Innovation Team, Senta Čermáková, introduced Critical Thinking in Business Futurology at the prestigious CEMS MIM program of the University of Economics, Prague. In this course, Senta shares her professional experience in the field of critical thinking and teaches the students how to apply such concepts in the world of technology and innovation.

Let’s meet and connect at our events

Does Tomorrow by Deloitte sound familiar to you? We could have met at one of our events, as we constantly work to connect young innovators, society, and technology through events we took part in and organized.

  • SingularityU Czech Summit

    In March 2018, the first SingularityU Czech Summit, a conference of the Silicon Valley Institute, was held in the Czech Republic. Of course, we took part in the event as a platinum partner. We organized the CE Young Guns Hackathon prior to the event, and our very first KidsXO Club during the event itself. In 2019, one of KidsXO club participants Adam Koza took the main stage to talk about the future of medicine. We believe the Singularity University opens doors to so many possibilities in the world of digital technology that can connect the world of innovations to the general public.

  • Colours of Ostrava

    The world of innovations relies on the future generation. We connect with millennials and generation Z at the Czech Republic’s biggest music festival, Colours of Ostrava. We kicked off in 2018 and have 10,000 visitors coming to our booth to be a part of our discussion forum, Melting Pot. During the workshop, we talked about artificial intelligence, robotics, and art law in front of the general public

  • Women@Work

    In cooperation with Marie Claire magazine, we held Dream Big and Women@Work conference for the first time in November 2018. Dream Big is an event for young ambitious women who want to start their career, and Women@Work is gathering for successful women in business. In 2019, we put addition to the Dream Big conference with so called mentoring lounge, where participants could individually talk to us about work.

  • Future Port Prague

    Future Port Youth is created by an international team of students and teachers that aims at empowering people with positive vision, bold mindset, and courage to start building for a better future through networking events, quality contents, and communities. Deloitte took part in one of the session discussing the basics of forensic linguistics and state-of-the-art methods for automated unstructured content analysis within electronic discovery and crime detection. The session was conducted by Deloitte’s Semantic and Data Science Lead and Manager, Katerina Lesch.

  • Hackathons

    We strive for excellence in future technology. That is why we organize hackathons through which we give students the opportunity to solve non–traditional tasks. Our very first Young Guns Hackathon took place as a part of the first year of the SingularityU Czech Summit conference in two categories: video production and application development. Together with Deloitte Legal and Data Analytics teams, we subsequently held upcoming hackatons that is not merely about technical subjects but also about creativity.

  • Forbes 30 under 30

    It is estimated that in the next few years 60% of the working population will be comprised of millennials. In our team, we fully believe in the potential and skills of this generation. In 2019, we decided to support 30 under 30 organized by Forbes magazine. This project gives recognition to thirty biggest young Czech and Slovak talents in the world of business, innovation, and arts.

  • CEMS

    With rapidly–changing technology, students and children of the future ought to be prepared for the century’s biggest challenges where certain skills will become obsolete and others will become highly important. We subsequently hold CEMS course that we dedicate to developing soft skills: communication skills, critical thinking, and leadership; as well as course on self-development: time management, and purpose-finding.

  • ELAI

    In the last 10 years of operation, the European Leadership and Academic Institute (ELAI) have always been a benchmark for quality education and personal growth workshops, this time also in the Czech Republic. The Innovation director, Senta Čermáková, subsequently lead the workshop as lecturer that often focuses on critical and strategic thinking. The ELAI workshops often involve successful professionals as lecturer to teach interesting yet practically-focused sessions.

  • Future Port Youth

    Future Port Youth is created by an international team of students and teachers that aims at empowering people with positive vision, bold mindset, and courage to start building for a better future for everyone through networking events, exciting contents, and communities. Deloitte took part in one of the session discussing the basics of forensic linguistics and state-of-the-art methods for automated unstructured content analysis within electronic discovery and crime detection. The session was conducted by Deloitte’s Semantic and Data Science Lead and Manager, Katerina Lesch.

Our team


Senta Čermáková – an innovator, a manager and a visionary. She is currently the Director of the Deloitte Innovation Team for Czech Republic and the Central European Region, where she is responsible for activation of innovation culture and development of innovative solutions across 18 countries. In the past, she worked at Hewlett–Packard as the global director of customer reference program and in 2011, she became the first woman in the history of the competition to have won the title of Manager of the Year. She uses her international experience to cultivate society in Czech Republic – with her projects she goes beyond technological innovation and focuses equally on social innovation. The program of innovative internships involves generations of millennials and Gen Z, in which she puts great trust and demonstrates the benefit of inter-generational cooperation repeatedly. Her projects with Deloitte Czech Republic were awarded many times both internally (Deloitte Impact Awards) and externally (like the TOP Responsible Company award for the Deloitte for Schools educational project). Senta is also a teacher at VŠE CEMS where she teaches the subject of Machine Learning.

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Jan works as a coordinator for the Innovation team where he focuses mainly on event organization and communities. That entails lectures for students, team-buildings and other educational activities. Jan's second expertise lies in quantitative research design and data analysis.



A creative mind with passion for technology. Jakub graduated in International Security Studies, where he focused on the dynamics between media and society with an emphasis on Fake News. He believes that technology is politically neutral on its own and it is up to us to use it for good. And Deloitte provided him with a chance to do so. In his role of a project coordinator, he combines precision of technologies with creativity of how and where to use them effectively.



Aleš does not deny his original profession as an architect. He devotes himself to creating bridges between problems and solutions. He pays the same attention to both people and technology and he is pursuing to combine the two into functional innovation structures in Central Europe region.

He likes to explore the world outside of the building. He often sets out into the realm of startups and university laboratories. He is interested in what the world is made of and what moves it. He will never get tired of making connections between different cultures and professions.



Visionary, doer, high energy, practical, storyteller. These are some qualities, which define Vansh. He works as a senior coordinator for the Innovation team and works on various strategic and communication projects across the European region. He enjoys acting and making films in his free time.



Veronika is a team coordinator. She helps the Innovation team with their team development and well-being, meaning she is the go-to person whenever it comes to any admin or HR assistance. She is also in charge of hiring skilful interns to our team. She loves organising any kind of workshops and events, because there is no more satisfaction then seeing people enjoying a wonderful time. Veronika is the kind of person who is always smiling and bringing joy to the team.


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