Team Management Tool for Remote Work

How to efficiently monitor and improve remote work? It can be done using the Deloitte APAT (Automatic Process Analytics Tool), which anonymously checks the work activity on a computer, monitors the workload of internal teams and identifies routine work activities for individuals and teams. The collected data is then used to suggest processes where automation and enhancement are desirable, all in accordance with legislative and security requirements.

Remote work is challenging not only in terms of law, tax or technologies but also in terms of work activity monitoring and process efficiency controlling. 

Real-life examples: In the office, all you have to do to know that your team is working is to look around. You can easily identify the difference between work activities and the time that an employee spends, for example, chatting on their mobile phone or on “private” conversations with colleagues on their coffee break. This is not possible with remote work. You can hardly identify whether the employee has actually worked for the 12 hours reported in their timesheet or whether they spent the time watching a movie on their work laptop. Is it possible to monitor and support a remote team? It is, using APAT that defines, manages and identifies routine PC work activities and estimates the extent to which an individual was active (or inactive).  Simply put, the tool evaluates productive activities in work applications and uses AI to detect routine employee processes.  Moreover, it can also monitor web applications and allows you to “look around” virtually.   


How can APAT help you efficiently monitor remote work?

  • It provides anonymised monitoring of computer activity in predefined work applications.
  • It measures activity on the team level and generates a structured web dashboard with a summary of work activities.
  • It compares work- and non-work computer activity for a team or subteam.
  • It helps understand and evaluate inefficient internal company processes.
  • It identifies employee performance issues caused by overworking (overworked employees become inefficient).
  • It uses AI to analyse activities and automatically suggests routine work to be automated.
  • It automatically calculates a potential benefit of activities suggested for automation with the aim of optimising costs and increasing  the process efficiency.


Costs – Efficiency – Productivity. Three key areas for every business management. Among other things, APAT helps you identify whether you are efficiently using all IT licenses, tools and applications and whether their operation is cost-effective.  You can also find out how much time your employees spend on internal administrative processes or steps related to compliance with other business processes and whether everyone is performing their tasks, i.e. whether you have assigned the right work tasks to the right people. You can use the results to redesign processes, internal training or the actual work tasks. You will obtain a summary report on the team productivity and an overview of activities suitable for automation.

Benefits of monitoring employee work using APAT. What will you gain?

  • An overview of the team activity, its workload and productivity;
  • Resources for performance planning and efficiency increase;
  • Suggestions for activities to be automated;
  • A secure and legally compliant solution; and 
  • A simple and lightweight tool that can be implemented within days.

You can overcome the remote team management challenges by choosing APAT – a tool for communication that will help you identify and automate routine processes and efficiently use all kinds of resources – whether it be human capital, productivity, costs or time. Please contact us for more information. We will be happy to show you the benefits of this tool in person.

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