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Did you work at Deloitte? Would you like to know what is happening at the company, what is in the pipeline or how your former colleagues and friends are? Care for a bit of reminiscing? Then you are at the right place as we have not lost interest in you since you left the company.

Welcome to Deloitte’s Alumni website where you can find the latest updates and information aimed at you – our former employees.

Deloitte Beerfest

Once Deloitte. Always Deloitte. Full stop

We are thinking of you even though you no longer work for Deloitte. We have set up closed social network groups for you. We care about what you are doing. Get easily in touch with your former colleagues and friends.

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  • You wish to remain in touch with former as well as current Deloitte employees;
  • You wish to learn about our activities, updates, achievements and new experience;
  • You wish to learn about current vacancies;
  • You wish to recommend a candidate and get a reward;
  • You wish to update your contact details;
  • You wish to know what we have in store for you; and, finally,
  • You wish to know when the next Beerfest is going to take place.

Keep up to speed by following us newly on social networks


Get in touch with us via our official Facebook page Deloitte Czech Republic, where you can find the latest news about our company. Namely updates on events and opportunities for students and graduates.

The Deloitte Czech Republic Employees and Alumni closed group allows you to remain in touch with your former colleagues, share your experience and news and organise a get-together.



Follow the latest updates and studies from the various industries in which our professionals operate by joining our LinkedIn professional network. The page also provides a list of current vacancies.

We also share information on events intended only for our current and former employees in the closed Deloitte Czech Republic Employees and Alumni LinkedIn group.



You can also newly find us on Instagram where you can share photos by labelling them as #deloitteczalumni so that we know what you are up to at all times…

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