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Miroslav Linhart

Introducing our new partners

How much can be done in 15 years? In case of Miroslav Linhart, it can include rising from auditor assistant all the way to partner at Deloitte. If anyone can be said to know Deloitte truly perfectly, it is certainly him. Meet Miroslav Linhart, who becomes a new Deloitte Czech Republic partner on 1 June 2017.

What does it mean in practice? He is responsible for advisory in the area of real estate, development and construction. His job is to develop advisory services in the area of real estate transactions, market valuation, market analyses and strategic advisory for clients from the real estate sector.

“It is important to focus on something specific, to have your own personal career goal. But not to want everything at once, you need to be patient. I have been with Deloitte for 15 years. I always wanted to learn first and do my work in the best possible quality. So that others see you like that and can appreciate you. And as a result any success or career growth will come on its own.”

Miroslav Linhart
Partner, Real Estate Advisory, Audit & Assurance

Three questions for Miroslav Linhart

Can you remember your beginnings at Deloitte?
When I first joined Deloitte I definitely did not think that I would be a partner one day. I wanted to learn first. In these 15 years, I especially appreciated the way my role, level of responsibility and authority changed. New things kept coming my way, I kept gaining something new. And the best thing is that I have no problems with motivation even after all this time. I still enjoy it.

What is your team like?
You can never achieve success without the people around you, so my team also deserves credit for where I am now. It always depends on what people you select. The team that I have now is in my opinion the very best possible team I could have at the moment.

What will the new position bring to you?
A few things will change, but the substance will remain the same. I will still manage the Real Estate Advisory team, our primary goal will be to continue offering clients the broadest possible scope of services in cooperation with other Deloitte departments.

Mirek Linhart

Do you want to find out more about Miroslav’s professional experience? Have a look at the press release where we announced the appointment of three new partners.

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