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Štěpán Húsek

Introducing our new partners

Štěpán Húsek came to Deloitte to build a new department that started offering clients primarily from the financial sector a completely new type of service – the new expert team focuses on comprehensive technological advisory and it was Štěpán who played a key role in its development. He becomes a Deloitte partner on 1 June 2017.

What does it mean in practice? He is responsible for technological innovations, advisory and implementation of integrated solutions for customers. His task is to build strategic alliances and develop services in the areas of technological strategy and architecture and system integration.

“The world of technology is not static, it changes very fast and we have to adapt to this speed. We seek new opportunities because we want to be a company that creates opportunities in turn. We too have to invest in development, I need to find time to follow new trends, think about them and be able to introduce them to the market with my team.”

Štěpán Húsek
Partner, Technology, Consulting

Three questions for Štěpán Húsek

Can you remember your beginnings at Deloitte?
When I started working here in 2013, my job was to build new technological advisory. We built our team from a very small base, now we have an extensive team of talented people, I dare say they are one of the best on the market. We were able to combine technology and knowledge of banking, we connected non-technical people with IT experts and vice-versa – technologically inclined people have picked up the business way of thinking, which means that they now know the industry and how its individual processes work.

What do you like about this job?
Coming up with things that have value for the client, can be implemented and turned into further added value. I like that I see the results of my work straightaway – we develop an app, give it to the client and they use it. First results therefore come immediately.

What will you focus on now in your new position?
On innovation. I will pay more attention to technologies, so that we can use them for other functions as well. I can imagine that we will develop for example a robotic tax advisor. It is nothing impossible, we deal with intelligent conversation systems for our clients already today.

Štěpán Húsek

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