Powering the future of mobility


Powering the future of mobility

How the electric power sector can prepare for its critical role in the new transportation ekosystem

Electric companies face a variety of challenges – among them, flat electricity demand and the need to smoothly integrate a growing pool of distributed and renewable energy resources. They continue to search for a “killer app” to more deeply engage customers and interest them in new products and services. A rapidly expanding electric vehicles (EV) fleet could help address each of those challenges.

This report examines how the emergence of a new mobility ecosystem could create a symbiotic relationship between electric vehicles (EVs), autonomous vehicles, and ridesharing and looks at how electric companies might turn these trends to their advantage. It also lays out some of the key steps utility executives can begin taking now to capitalize on an increasingly electric future of mobility.

Key questions this report addresses:
  • How utilities can harness the future of mobility to address their key challenges such as stagnant demand, lack of integration of a growing pool of distributed and renewable energy resources and the inability to engage customers?
  • How can utilities adopt EVs as a powerful grid management tool for adding critical flexibility?
  • How can utilities contribute towards bridging the gap between the current charging infrastructure and the electricity that is required to support the growing EV adoption
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