New Rules for Food Packaging

A new EU regulation determining the requirements for food package labelling

In 2011 the European Union adopted a new regulation (no. 1169/2011) determining the requirements for food package labelling. The principal section of this regulation shall be binding for all food business operators from December 2014. Each subject active in the food business should get acquainted in a timely manner with the changes this regulation will bring and prepare for them.

The food business operator mainly responsible for the food information shall be the operator under whose business name the food is marketed. This new regulation shall thus also affect the private brands of food store chains.

The new regulation sets out the rules for providing information on food consistency and quantity, “use by” date, allergens present etc. This regulation brings about a significant change in the area of providing nutrition information on packaging. The indication of this information on the package shall be obligatory from December 2016.

Some existing regulations, eg regulation on nutrition and health claims, remain valid simultaneously with the above-mentioned regulation. Food business operators will thus have to meet the requirements of a number of co-existing regulations when packing their products.

A study of the regulations and assessments as to whether the existing or a newly-proposed form of packaging meets this tangle of rules can be an immense burden.

We can help you with this burden in such a way that you gain certainty that your package complies with all requirements so you can concentrate on developing your business.

How can we help you?

  • We will assess the compliance of your food packaging with all legal requirements, including the new EU regulation.
  • We will propose possible changes in the packaging. We are also able to provide graphical output through a renowned advertising agency.
  • We will assess the compliance of your packaging with the requirements for nutrition and health claims.
  • We constantly observe developments in this area and we can regularly inform you about upcoming changes.
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