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Czechia in Data

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We all leave a data trace. Data are continually multiplying all around us, they gather in increasingly larger files, they grow into the very fabric of society and retroactively impact it. Never before have so many data been available. Where as a result of a lack of resources there was previously a reliance on the application of intuition, estimation and speculation, today we have the ability to conduct precise and accurate work with data.

Czechia in Data project

Data are beautiful!

Data can confirm and refute our hypotheses. When you adept at handling the data, they often indicate unexpected connections and trends which are not necessarily apparent at first sight, without conducting a data analysis on large-scale sources. Owing to automated visualisation instruments, we now have the ability to convert tedious and boring figures and tables into well-organised graphical formats in which we can interactively and easily find the view and detail that is of interest to us.

Data are available!

We are connected. Due to the digitisation of the public and private spheres, it is now extraordinarily easy to access data on-line. Let’s get used to it! Gone are the days when many a public institution considered data to be their “assets” and refused to share “their” information with tax payers. This naturally comes hand in hand with new challenges such as an emphasis on robust personal data protection.

Data are demanding!

As the data increase in volume, working with them is paradoxically more difficult. Greater accuracy triggers greater requirements in terms of the preparation of data sets and machine-processing. The wide use of computers makes the volume of data grow exponentially but the willingness to wait for outputs has been on the decrease. 10 years ago, processing a data file typically took several hours to complete. These days, the response is expected almost in real time, even though the scope of routinely-processed data has increased manifold.

When you know how to go about it

Working with data has developed into a standalone industry. It has its needs. It requires experts in statistics, linguistics, sociology, mathematical analysis and namely IT. Data storage, effective work with them and their visualisation in almost real time represents difficulties that require their own solution. We from SAS Institute, Deloitte and Unicorn possess such a solution. We have been engaged in its development for a number of years and we are currently supplying the solution to our major clients from among private corporations and public administration. We have decided to share at least part of our skills with everyone.

We joined forces

This is the reason why we became partners in the “Czechia in Data” project. Our ambition is to search for topics that are attractive, interesting or significant for society as a whole but whose processing requires advanced data tools. We want to detect connections that are concealed in the data, confirm or refute assertions that are prevalent in the Czech society but lack evidence without the work with extensive data.

We’re not what matters. The main hero is data!

Why don’t you join us! Are you students, journalists, civil activists, people involved in research, science, the academic community or are you simply interested in what’s happening around you? Do you have an interesting suggestion or assumption or are you interested in a topic that necessitates analysing a large data file? We will commit our skills, tools and time to your topic and will be pleased to share it with the general public as part of the “Czechia in Data” project.  


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