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How to Leverage Your Data by Adopting AI

Rapid and widespread change can be unnerving for any organisation – even those founded on disruption. Digital, data and exponential AI technologies threaten the status quo but also offer the best opportunities to respond to the changes afoot. We help companies with their AI&Data strategy to support new business models and realise improved business outcomes.

Why building organisational AI&Data capability matters

Deloitte has been tracking the measures that organisations take to develop their data, analytics, and AI capabilities since 2017. Our methodology allows us to assess where organisations stand on their data journey and what barriers they face. Crucially we understand how they can gain a competitive advantage by using analytical insights in their decision making. In 2022, the Deloitte Insight-Driven Organisation survey collected responses from 263 organisations from around the world. Ranging in size, respondents were also spread across business sectors. 

Results from the 2022 Insight Driven Organization Survey


The Benefits of an Insight-Driven Organisation

We’ve discovered that a structured approach is essential for achieving both increased pace and quality while creating and adopting analytics solutions at scale.

Our Insight-Driven Organisation (IDO) methodology is an internal asset aimed at helping organisations build and mature their data and analytics capabilities. An IDO’s capability goes far beyond technology – it considers strategic alignment, talent and leadership, business processes, and the entire information lifecycle as well as the systems associated with it.

Deloitte’s IDO framework consists of several different assets and accelerators. These range from a standardized maturity assessment with hundreds of benchmarking data points from organisations in different industries across EMEA to analytics and data use case value-assessment tools. In its entirety, our IDO framework helps define your organisation’s target operating model.

The AI&Data maturity curve


AI&Data discovery sessions

To ignite a strategic discussion of AI&Data topics in your organisation, we offer an AI&Data discovery programme. Focused on company leadership, this programme provokes strategic discussion, inspires possibility, assesses best use cases, and uncovers barriers in the way of successful AI adoption. 

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Tervel Šopov


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