Building Data Science Capability


Building Data Science Capability

Building data science capability is a programme for companies willing to make a strategic advantage of data science. It focuses on its appropriate use, internal engagement, talent management and technology or data administration.

Many companies have already started with data science, but only a few of them have really benefited from it. Poor ROI of analytical projects. Models often end up unimplemented. No executive ownership of data science. This is what we hear too often. We have helped our clients overcome those troubles and the lessons learnt are embedded into this unique offering for every company, no matter big or small. Building Data Science Capability is the programme for companies planning to make data science their strategic asset. It addresses all success factors such as right use cases, cultural change, talent management and technology or data management. We will drive the change in your organisation to move from gut feeling to insight driven decision making.

Data Science

Data Science stands on firm links between business, data and analytics, three areas which are often too far from each other within the organisation.


The programme is based on four main pillars:

    Strategy is nothing without evangelisation. We know that and we concentrate on strong internal engagement. We help you build the start-up spirit within your company.
    Don‘t grow by failing. We are ready to provide comprehensive training for your staff from junior data scientists to senior project managers and leaders.
    Getting your project pipeline full, evaluating ROI and learning how to prioritise and manage the projects. That is initiation.
    In the long term your #1 obstacle will be hiring. We know the market. We help you find relevant talent for your data science team. For the transition period we provide seasoned experts that will temporarily help staff your team.

Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.

Peter Sondergaard, Gartner Research.

Business benefits

With the power of data science you will ask the right questions, do the right analysis and take the right actions in order to survive in this ever changing world.

Asking the right questions
  • Vision
    Ensuring the Analytics Vision aligns to and supports corporate goals and objectives
  • Value generation
    Understanding the value from Analytics and priorit ising initiatives appropriately
  • Organising for success
    Organising for ongoing success and sequencing activities to deliver early benefits


Doing the right analysis
  • „Purple people“
    Building a team with the right balance of business and technical skills to I deliver actionable businessl insights
  • Internet of Things
    Incorporating structured, unstructured, internal and external data for insights everywhere
  • Trusted insight
    Ensuring that data and analysis is accurate, trusted! and assured
  • Insight Process
    Developing a repeatable process to test and industri alise analytics
  • Enabling platform
    Constructing a technical capability which scales to your long term vision


Taking the right actions
  • Changing the mind-set
    Evolving a culture of asking crunchy questions and addressing cognitive bias
  • Digital delivery
    Leveraging digital transformation to ensure insights are visual and intuitive
  • Re-engineering the business
    Redesigning your processes and operat ions to act on analytical insights


Filip Trojan

Filip Trojan

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Veronika Bauer


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