Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence

How to go about advanced data visualisation

Business intelligence is an advanced data visualisation using knowledge, technologies, applications, analyses and other techniques to collect, integrate, interpret and present business information correctly.

Top managers often lack access to information that would make their decision-making easier even though they have a number of reports available. However, the reports include too many indicators or, on the contrary, lack the key issues due to poor availability of data sources. Reports are often ill-structured, which prevents text understanding and correct data interpretation. Last but not least, the link between reporting and a company’s strategic goals or current projects is set up incorrectly. At Deloitte, we know the way out. We will help you with all of the described Business Intelligence (BI) areas.

Our services

  • We will help you get access to information for better business decision-making and corporate management.
  • We will set up reporting so that it clearly interprets the development of strategic goals and projects.
  • We will recommend indicators to be monitored.
  • We will find the practical applicability of your existing reports.
  • We will identify important indicators in your existing reports which you should focus on.
  • We will make data sources available for the reporting of key areas and indicators.
  • We will recommend a suitable BI solution for the visualisation of your reports and data and help you acquire it.
  • We will propose and develop traditional reporting and the design of its architecture in the existing or new BI solution upon your requirements.
  • We will develop interactive dashboards allowing for your flexible operation and strategic decision-making.

Our approach

At Deloitte Advanced Analytics, we have a number of BI experts with know-how in numerous industries. Thanks to this, we can see the substance in data and we are partners to management, helping it identify the correct indicators, interpret the data available and develop the appropriate design to use them.


A well-defined dashboard allows for daily monitoring of the impacts of strategic changes and assessing ongoing campaigns. It is easy to work with, saving management large amounts of time spent on tables and allowing for operational and strategic management decisions to be made.


We work within the existing BI solutions of our clients and are able to recommend an appropriate tool, depending on the demands and requirements. We develop dashboards in Qlik, SAS Visual Analytics, Tableau and other tools.