Real-time personalization and recommendation engine​


Today’s markets are more competitive than ever before and delivering tailored customer experiences and proposals are becoming the new battlefield.​

The modern customer experience is more about data than  about design. The idea behind personalization is to tailor the user experience from the moment it begins. ​


The personalization engine is scalable piece of software capable of suggesting highly relevant products as Next Best Offer (NBO). In terms of pricing, a combination of profit and affordability will be estimated. Ranking and calibrated probabilities are calculated, and the models are updated in real-time, therefore they do not get obsolete.

Deloitte’s end-to-end offerings combine access to world-class IP including the source code, an exceptional machine learning algorithmic portfolio and advanced analytics skills with expert support and training for tools, governance, process, talent and KPI.​


NBO, Next Best Action (NBA), next best content, etc. (NBx) probabilities guide sales efforts, promotions, product and other recommendations, both in digital and physical touchpoints.​

Scoring, calibrated probability, affordability and profitability estimations can deliver a 3-5% revenue uplift, while simultaneously having a positive impact on customer experience.​

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Donovan Spronk

Donovan Spronk

Partner AI & Data | AWS Alliance Lead CE

Donovan is a Partner in the Consulting department and Leader of the AI & Data team within Deloitte in the Czech Republic. Donovan leads the AWS Alliance in CE, which brings the joint power of Deloitte... More