The pressure to tackle financial crime has never been greater

Preventive and Detective Solutions for Financial Crime

The pressure to tackle financial crime has never been greater. Tightening regulation, growing demands by customers for integrity in firms’ financial dealings and increasing criminal sophistication are combining to create a perfect storm for the financial services sector. Yet current approaches remain a patchwork of fragmented, inefficient and, ultimately, ineffective efforts designed around compliance. Deloitte helps organisations prepare for and react to financial crime risk.

Organisational Assessment

  1. How is the bank managing its remediation program?
  2. Is the bank implementing sustainable solutions and international best practice?
  3. What is the maturity of the banks’ Anti-Money Laundering detection mechanisms?
  4. Does the bank have a single client view?
  5. What is the bank’s Target Operating Model for the above?
  6. Is the bank considering de-risking its client base?
  7. How is the bank planning for AML and mobile money products or virtual currencies?

Value/Benefit Statement


Jan Balatka

Jan Balatka


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