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Analytics must be used to be useful. Abstract theory might be interesting, but it won’t solve your business problems – unless you put theory into practice.

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Customer and Growth analytics: provides you with actionable insight on your customers – past, present, and future. These insights often result from forming a single, expansive view of customer relationships and behaviours across previously siloed products and channels.

Armed with the new insights, you can discover previously hidden up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, flag early signals of customer defection, and obtain better returns from marketing campaigns.

Three minute guide to customer analytics

Finance Analytics: helps you manage performance in alignment with your business strategy. By helping get control of your financial data, finance analytics enable you to model business processes and gain deeper insight into cost and profitability drivers.

Plans, budgets, and forecasts become more accurate, and you can better understand the significance of KPIs - and their true relationship to performance.

Risk and Regulatory Analytics: helps you understand your risk exposure better, and proactively identify and mitigate sources of risk on an enterprise scale.

Armed with this information, executive management and boards will be better equipped to navigate challenging economic conditions, and complex legal and regulatory environments, with the insight and foresight that only analytics can provide.

The three minute guide to risk analytics

Supply Chain Analytics: empowers you with insights on demand patterns, supply and distribution networks, and customer service requirements across transactional and operational systems.

In an ever-changing economic climate, and in the context of increasing globalisation, analytics can help to cut procurement costs, identify anomalies and potential disruptions, forecast demand more reliably, optimise logistics, and gain a holistic view of their entire supply chain.

Three minute guide to supply chain analytics

Workforce Analytics: helps employers improve their workforce management processes by linking HR strategy to analytical techniques.

In an ever more diverse and decentralised workforce environment, insights gained from workforce analytics can help you find ways to recruit – and retain – world-class talent, and address other data-driven workforce challenges such as employee safety.

Three minute guide to workforce and reporting analytics


Jan Balatka

Jan Balatka


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