Challenge to the industry


Challenge to the industry

Securing skilled crews in today's marketplace

Developed by the Shipping & Ports group, this Deloitte survey of companies and practitioners addresses key issues confronting the global shipping industry and highlights the challenges to developing and retaining skilled seafarers.

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The shipping industry is central to the global economy, annually transporting goods that account for 90% of world trade. Skilled and experienced crews are essential to the successful operation of today's technologically advanced vessels. As a result, the growing shortage of qualified seafarers could have a dramatic impact even when considered from just one perspective - the safe operation of a vessel. It is critical that seafarers be well educated, able to follow orders, manage risks and solve problems. With this in mind, this report presents some of the challenges that shipping companies must address in recruiting and retaining skilled officers and crew, as well as some thoughts on actions the industry can take to address them.

Challenge to the industry
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