Acquisition advisory

If you are considering expanding your business by acquiring another company in a local or foreign market, we will be pleased to provide you with professional advice during and after the transaction so as to help you achieve the expected benefits of the acquisition under reasonable financial conditions while minimising business risks. We will focus on the key success factors of completing the transaction and key post-acquisition value drivers, from choosing an optimal acquisition strategy and finding appropriate investment opportunities, to performing proper due diligence and ensuring effective integration, which is the true beginning and end of a successful acquisition.

Our services in company acquisitions typically include the following:

  • Designing and formulating the acquisition strategy
  • Identifying appropriate acquisition candidates
  • Addressing the owners of selected target companies
  • Obtaining information to evaluate investment opportunities
  • Valuing the target company including any synergies
  • Performing due diligence
  • Analyzing competing bidder's strategies and preparing own bidding strategy
  • Assisting in bid preparation
    • Proposing the financial and tax structure of the transaction
    • Preparing post-acquisition integration
    • Raising debt or equity capital
    • Preparing documentation for regulatory purposes
    • Drafting and negotiating contractual documentation
    • Managing the acquisition process through to financial settlement