Business modelling

Business decisions should not be made without solid understanding of their financial consequences nor without considerations of alternative options, scenarios or sensitivities. Whether it’s a transaction, restructuring or an investment programme several factors impact forecast expenditure, expected cash flows and the ultimate feasibility and return of an investment or strategic decision.

Our modelling expertise helps client simulate future financial results and find answers to key investment or strategic questions such as:

  • Does the company have a capability to reach its financial targets as the revenue amount and growth, productivity, CAPEX and Working Capital goals, arrangement of financing needed, profitability of the capital invested and target liquidity?
  • Does the company have a capability to reach its customer oriented targets as market share on target market segments, new customer acquisition, old customer retention, customer satisfaction and profitability?
  • Do internal processes of the company support reach of the financial and customer oriented goals?
  • How can the company optimise or prioritise its investment programme?
  • Does the investment earn a minimum return on capital?

We have a long track record of providing specialist modelling services in the most challenging situations. We can help generate confidence and enable better decisions through the development of bespoke forecasting models and analyses.

We work closely with our clients, providing support to a broad range of business-critical decisions, covering financing and refinancing, cost reduction, major capital programmes, and transformational projects and transactions. We bring a realistic, commercial perspective to our work, often playing a core role within a larger team.

Our collaborative approach engages and challenges our clients in order to achieve consensus as to what really matters to them. The use of modelling professionals and proven methodologies helps ensure that results withstand scrutiny and inspire stakeholder confidence, whether at board level, with financiers or within public bodies.