Litigation, arbitration

In a dispute or litigation either ongoing or contemplated highly skilled valuation specialist knowledge is required to assess among others:

  • How much has the value of a business, or asset, been affected by a breach of contract, breach of warranty or infringement of a patent or the rights attaching to shares or an asset?
  • Has a loss of value been suffered due to the professional negligence of an advisor?
  • How much is a minority interest/shareholding in a private unquoted business worth?

Questions about values, or the valuation process, often occur in disputes (including litigation, arbitration and expert determination). When they do, you will want to appoint experts who understand the issues; who can reach sound conclusions grounded in an independent, objective and thorough analysis of all the evidence, and who can explain the issues and their conclusions clearly and concisely to others involved in the dispute resolution process.

We often act as:

  • An expert witness in either litigation or arbitration proceedings
  • An independent expert appointed to determine a value
  • An advisor to one of the parties in a litigation, arbitration or expert determination

We work closely with Deloitte industry and technical specialists, including our Forensic & Dispute Services group, to deliver solutions tailored to the specific circumstances of the matter.