M&A and investment analysis

We provide complex valuation services throughout the whole transaction cycle from preliminary analysis, transactional valuation and purchase price allocation.

Our team of seasoned professionals with strong industry knowledge provide answers to key questions present in a transaction including:

  • What are my strategic options for the business: how much is the business worth to me now? How much could it be worth to me?
  • What are the available exit routes and how much could the business be worth to potential acquirers?
  • What maximum price can I pay and ensure fair return from a deal?
  • Are the financial terms of a transaction fair for me or my shareholders?
  • What is my investment portfolio worth?
  • What is the value of the companies in my fund?
  • What is the company share worth in a squeeze out?

Our team assists management and stakeholders in transactions, strategic reviews and investment appraisals.

We work closely with other specialist teams in Deloitte Corporate Finance Advisory and Consulting, including industry and private equity experts, to provide integrated advice at all stages of transactions.