Post merger integration

The merging or de-merging of two or more organisations is often fraught with complexities. The best serial acquirers follow a structured and disciplined approach, with clear strategic objectives, detailed implementation plans, and a focus on creating and capturing value from the start.

What we do

We use our robust operational and financial analysis expertise to help our clients maximise delivered value from integrations.

CE region is different from Western Europe and success depends on addressing these differences as well as universal business issues. We possess a significant expertise on CE markets covering internal organizational as well as external business environment issues.

How we can help

We can help businesses maximise the benefits of integration. Our approach is highly pragmatic and is based on extensive experience of supporting clients with:

  • Benefit case review and implementation plan validation
  • Development of integration strategy blueprint
  • Development of detailed integration plans and supporting financials
  • Coaching to the programme director and key project managers
  • Planning and managing the discreet actions required to complete the deal and ensure business continuity from day one
  • Mobilising and co-ordinating the project teams around a well structured and managed programme
  • Managing people issues and programme communication