Regulatory centre in the Czech Republic

We inform about planned regulatory changes and help clients with their implementation.

Complex regulatory field, ever increasing requirements placed on financial institutions, frequent changes and clients’ demand for professional services – these were the reasons for the Deloitte Regulatory Centre to be founded in the Czech Republic. Specialists with long-time experience from various fields of finance services inform their clients about planned changes and assist them with the implementation.

The Centre deals with specific changes in the regulatory field not only in the Czech Republic, but also within the EU, the USA or Asia. It cooperates closely with the Deloitte European Centre for Regulatory Services in London.

Regulatory agenda 2017-2018


David Batal

David Batal

Partner in Charge

David is the Partner in Charge of the Audit & Assurance function of Deloitte Czech Republic. He joined Deloitte in 1999 following his graduation from the Prague School of Economics where he majored in... More