Vendor assist

In difficult and volatile markets, senior management inevitably will look to review their strategic options, one of the outcomes may be to consider divestment. Once that preliminary decision has been made, optimising the outcome can be challenging and time consuming.

Vendor Assist is the provision of a co-ordinated suite of services, tailored to our clients’ needs to compliment existing skills and resources, to address the challenges faced prior to and throughout, the disposal process.

What we do

Our dedicated transaction services professionals provide an integrated offering utilising the wealth of sell side experience across the firm. Working closely with your team we identify and resolve issues in the divestment process and offer a suite of Vendor Assist services specifically tailored to the level you need.

How we can help

The Deloitte approach is to offer assistance at every stage in the disposal process but our involvement can be as limited or as extensive as the situation demands. This ensures that you don’t spend money on services that you can perform yourself. Examples of our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Portfolio review
  • Transactional readiness review
  • Project management
  • Financial and operational carve-out
  • Separation planning and implementation
  • Data room support
  • Human capital support
  • Tax review and structuring
  • Financial reporting procedures and transaction advisory