HR Due Diligence

As part of the Due Diligence process, we also cover the company’s analysis from the HR perspective.

HR Due Diligence includes:

  • An overview of organisational and employment issues and essential staff programmes and policies.
  • View of the organisational structure (key organisational principles, management and employee levels, interfaces with trade union representatives and government agencies).
  • Identification of key employees (contracts with senior management, financial and non-financial incentives for key employees)
  • Employee segments (history and projection of the workforce, age structure of the staff, tenure and staff turnover, absences, types of contracts)
  • Staff cost analysis (principles of staff remuneration, staff cost analysis, bonus schemes)
  • Analysis of staff benefits (e.g. insurance contributions, pension benefits, company cars, meal vouchers, holidays)
  • HR operating model
  • Trade union issues (collective bargaining/collective agreement)
  • Analysis of litigation with employees

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Jan Kudlák

Jan Kudlák

Assistant Director

Jan is Assistant Director of the M&A Strategy and Post-Merger Integration Team. As the TMT group leader at Deloitte Czech Republic, he specialises in the telecommunications sector, where he has more t... More