Commercial Due Diligence and Strategic Advisory

Our team works with a number of companies of various sizes, from start-ups to established companies with an international presence. We have experience in a wide range of industries and commonly use the expertise of our international experts.

Commercial Due Diligence

Company acquisitions represent an interesting opportunity for growth in added value and profit; however, they are associated with considerable risks. Our team is able to comprehensively revise the business plan, identify and quantify risk areas and provide qualitative as well as quantitative information about the company the acquisition of which is being considered. Part of our work is based on a detailed review of the market development and the company’s position, which can have a major impact on the development of future sales and profits. Our added value also consists in assessing the risk associated with the implementation of potential synergies.

Strategic Advisory, Market, Customer and Competition Analysis

Companies often seek answers to essential questions about their future course, investment and expansion. They usually decide whether to expand into new products or services, what potential exists in such a case, whether such a strategy will increase their profitability, improve their competitiveness etc. We have experience with strategic projects of various scales: from the review of a company’s overall strategy and recommendations for its further business direction to smaller-scale projects, e.g. assistance in planning a geographical expansion or launching new products. In such cases, we implement a detailed review of the business plan, including its projection, analyse and optimise pricing options and offer other similar services based on our clients’ individual needs.

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Jan Kudlák

Jan Kudlák

Assistant Director

Jan is Assistant Director of the M&A Strategy and Post-Merger Integration Team. As the TMT group leader at Deloitte Czech Republic, he specialises in the telecommunications sector, where he has more t... More