Graduate Recruitment in Insurance

Insurance needs an image makeover

The Deloitte Talent in Insurance Survey 2014, produced in collaboration with Universum, surveyed 174,000 business students from 2,000 universities. We asked them about their intentions, aspirations and associations in relation to insurance careers.

Their answers show that insurance is not a popular career destination for business students. They suggest the industry may not be attracting talent with the creative or innovative mindset that it needs to safeguard its future success. To attract graduate talent, insurers should do more to exploit the strengths they currently underplay.

Understanding the mindset of business students and their attitudes towards insurance is the first step to attracting graduate talent.

The first step to attracting students into insurance is understanding their mindset

Other key findings of the survey include:

  •  Insurance is not a popular career choice
  •  Students seek security
  • Insurance-inclined students want professional training and development
  • Work-life balance is the top career goal
  • International opportunities arouse little interest among the insurance-inclined

To counter the perception that insurance is a little old fashioned, insurers need to change their image so they attract more innovative people.

Choose how you would like to explore the research. You can download a country-specific analysis, or download the complete Talent in Insurance 2014 Survey.

Download the full Talent in Insurance 2014 survey (PDF) here.

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