Age management


Age management

Survey Questionnaire: Age Group 50+ and the Labour Market

Due to demographic developments, age management is becoming increasingly more important, predominantly with respect to the optimal utilisation of the potential offered by age group 50+.

Deloitte decided to survey the issue of age management that is becoming increasingly important nowadays from the sociological perspective. We used the form of half-structured interviews to collect life stories of 75 representatives of the generation so that we could gain a better idea of how older employees, unemployed or entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic perceive their current life and financial situation, what helps them on the labour market and, on the contrary, what makes their position on the labour market even harder. 

Among other things, our findings revealed that the main factor that helps this generation find and keep a job is the support they receive from people around them – their family, colleagues, acquaintances, superiors or clients. (69%)

The second most frequently mentioned factor is interesting job content, the possibility of self-realisation and learning new things. (32%)

On the other hand, the biggest barrier for them appears to be their own mind-set, ie the way of their thinking, their self-perception and information acceptance. (53 %)

What are our other findings? You will find out in the brochure Deloitte has prepared based on the study and which can be downloaded for free. 

Survey questionnaire: Age Group 50+ and the Labour Market 2019
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