Strategic partnership with ABSL

Starting in January 2017, Deloitte enters into a strategic partnership with ABSL Czech Republic (Association of Business Serviced Leaders). ABSL and Deloitte’s joint goal is the support and growth of the sector of shared services centres in the Czech Republic. The sector is the second largest employer in the Czech Republic. With its 75 thousand employees, it anticipates a 25% year-on-year growth in the coming years.

The Association of Business Service Leaders in the Czech Republic (ABSL) is the leading member organization representing the business services sector in the Czech Republic.

“The business services sector in the Czech Republic is growing dynamically and our task is to ensure that companies carrying out business in this sector have the best conditions,” said Jonathan Appleton, Director of ABSL

“Recruitment of high-quality employees, keeping these with the company, optimisation of business services centres or assurance of the Czech Republic’s correct position on a global scale from the aspect of the location of centres, all these, along with the ability to respond to the requirements of the young generation, are fundamental topics,” says Milan Kulhánek, director of the Business Services Department at Deloitte.

“Our role, in partnership with the ABSL, will be support of these areas, which professionals from Deloitte specialising in business, tax and legal consultancy, will provide using solutions such as strategic HR, HR analysis or automation using robots (Robotics Process Automation),” adds Kulhánek.


For the latest data, analytics, and current insights on shared service centres, see the ABSL annual report Business services sector in the Czech Republic 2017 (PDF).

ABSL Brochure: Prague as a strategic place for locating SSCs

ABSL has issued a guidebook mapping the benefits of Prague as an attractive location for Shared Service Centres. Read the insights provided by Deloitte and other firms, download the brochure (PDF, 5.6 MB).