Strategic partnership with ABSL

Starting in January 2017, Deloitte enters into a strategic partnership with ABSL Czech Republic (Association of Business Serviced Leaders). ABSL and Deloitte’s joint goal is the support and growth of the sector of shared services centres in the Czech Republic. The sector is the second largest employer in the Czech Republic. With its 75 thousand employees, it anticipates a 25% year-on-year growth in the coming years.

Deloitte knows that its expertise and experience is the right match to the needs of Business Services Sector.


Team of Deloitte started RPA journey already in 2012. Its team is leveraging experience from successful delivery of more than 250 RPA projects. ABSL members will benefit from the experience learned mainly from the end-to-end and large-scale projects which will support them continuing on their RPA journey. Deloitte sees future of RPA in combination of RPA and Cognitive solutions.

Strategic HR

SSCs' key success factor are people. Mature HR shall understand current trends impacting Human Resources and be able to act accordingly. Key trends involve changes in the way people in SSC are organized and managed. New innovative insight tools help HR understand what is really happening in SSC teams. Including motivators and de motivators. including understanding who are the true and business critical influencers.

HR Analytics

Deloitte HR analytics predict Employees' behavior in the organization. Deloitte knows that predictive data models speak clear language, are able to accurately predict leavers and reasons for leaving, illness and other major events in the life of SSC.

HR Experimental Lab

Deloitte' s Experimental Lab invites providers of innovative HR solutions to participate to pilot projects with our clients. Members of Experimental lab set future standards of HR solutions.

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