2018 Human Capital Trends

The Rise of the Social Enterprise

Firms are no longer assessed only on the basis of how successful they are: of key importance is the impression their business leaves on society as a whole. Explore the 2018 human capital trends and take a look at the results of the survey that saw the participation of 11,000 respondents across 124 countries worldwide, including the Czech Republic.

Three Major Forces Driving the Firms’ Changing Approach

  1. Millennials are ever more demanding. Traditional career models now appear to be outdated as the new generation requires the feeling of personal well-being at work as well as personalised and flexible rewards.
  2. Filling society’s leadership vacuum. Society has started to require that companies take active part in addressing societal issues. This applies to the trends of longevity, hybrid workforce and social responsibility which, in the event of a failure, may lead to damage to reputation and the outflow of customers as well as potential employees.
  3. Technological change. New technologies generate opportunities, yet they may also have unforeseen consequences. This change is addressed by the trends of growing robotisation and AI implementation, hyper-connected workplace and employee data.

This year’s survey shows that financial performance or quality of goods and services no longer play a major role in evaluating firms. In contrast, relations with employees, customers and local communities and the impact on society as such are of ever greater importance. Involving management in strategic projects and the use of data, which presents a great opportunity for HR departments, are also at the forefront.

2018 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends

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