CxO Transition Lab

The best way to map the first six months of your journey

The CxO Transition Lab at Deloitte is a one-day/ two-day experience built to ensure newly-appointed executives hit the ground running and thrive in their new roles. The agenda focuses on the three most important resources that every CxO must manage: time, talent, and stakeholder relations.

The Lab is built around proprietary research Deloitte has done into executive transitions, and culminates in a plan with four work streams for you to:

  • Define and communicate your priorities;
  • Assess and develop a talent strategy for your team;
  • Understand and influence key stakeholders; and
  • Develop a gameplan for your first 180 days.

The Lab is a confidential and open space where you can ask, ponder and address questions that will affect your transition.

CxO Lab Content:

Start With Your Aspirations
What do you want to be remembered for? You want to leave a mark, and we begin the day exploring exactly how you will do that.

Consider Where You Spend Time
As a new executive, there will be endless demands on your time. The most successful CxOs determine early on how to balance their time and energy across critical roles.

Assess Team & Talent Issues
Getting to the heart of talent issues quickly is at the centre of every transition success story. Figuring out the team members who will advance your priorities is critical and needs to occur in an unbiased environment.

Examine Relationships & Influence
From managing relationships with family to those with key stakeholders, your success will come from having a plan.

Discover Your Gameplan
Moving from intent to action requires a plan.
Your session in the Lab is designed to culminate in the creation of a custom built plan.

Core Principles

  • All information is confidential
  • Non-sales environment
  • Dialogue instead of monologue – your active participation required
  • No disturbances – time and place dedicated to the Lab


Pavel Šimák

Pavel Šimák


Pavel is a Director in the Human Capital Advisory Services and Global Business Services (GBS) practice of Deloitte Czech Republic. His experience covers multiple areas of the GBS agenda, including fea... More