HR Controlling

Measuring the value HR delivers to the company’s success

HR Controlling provides your company with a methodology to determine the key performance indicators for measuring HR’s contribution to company success. Also, this methodology is used to determine the performance indicators measuring the effectiveness or efficiency of HR services and processes. The use of HR Controlling enables HR managers to become real business partners and thus contribute to the strategic decisions of the company.

When to consider HR Controlling

  • HR performance indicators do not include information about HR’s contribution to meeting the company goals
  • No reliable information/data on personnel costs and return of investment into human capital are in place
  • No information/data on training and development investments, employees’ performance and the effectiveness of current organizational structure from the HR point of view are available

Benefits of HR Controlling

Thanks to a system that effectively measures and assesses HR performance indicators, HR Controlling enables:

  • HR-related costs to be monitored and measured
  • Basic HR processes to be measured and influenced
  • Returns on investment into HR to be controlled
  • Measurable success indicators regarding HR and its goals to be presented
  • Work in HR to achieve greater productivity and effectiveness
  • Decisions related to HR on the basis of measurable indicators to be prioritized
  • The HR function to be aligned with a business strategy
  • A system to be set up which monitors value added by HR with regard to the business goals

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