HR Health Check

Getting more out of your HR function

To realize an independent and objective evaluation of the effectivity and quality of a company’s HR function, including compliance with the legal requirements of employment, Deloitte applies the global Human Capital Effectiveness Assessment (HCEA) methodology, which is tailored to the specific conditions of the industry and the relevant country.

When to consider an HR Health Check

  • HR does not meet the requirements of internal customers (other business units), e.g., in recruitment, management development, performance management
  • Key employees lack a sufficient level of competencies and capabilities which enable them to perform well (“the right people are not in the right positions“)
  • HR processes are not mutually aligned and do not support the HR strategy
  • Insufficient communication exists between HR, senior managers and line managers
  • HR management system is insufficiently used or lacks control
  • The quality and reliability of HR data is insufficient
  • The needs of senior management are not met by the HR function
  • There is high fluctuation in key positions

Benefits of an HR Health Check

An HR Health Check leads to identifying and improving strengths and weaknesses, including proposal benefits such as:

  • Feedback on the quality of the implemented HR processes as compared with industry best practices
  • Verification regarding compliance with human resources management procedures
  • A compliance review, based on the client’s requirements, with the legal regulations relating to employer-employee relations
  • An evaluation of change management tools as well as tools that support employee innovation and creativity
  • Verification of tax optimization regarding payments provided to employees in terms of income tax and social security and health insurance contributions
  • Benchmarking of the quality and effectivity of HR processes as compared to industry best practices

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