HR Information System

A module of the EIS for human capital management

To meet the demanding needs of today’s knowledge-oriented economy, companies need to maximize their employees’ potential and performance. To be able to succeed, companies need to invest in human capital, which requires HR to change its role from an administrative partner to a more strategic one. HR management also means integrating all HR processes and information on employees and aligning them with the enterprise information system.

When to consider an HR Information System

Companies that operate with robust tools for implementing an HR strategy will be able to better maximize investments in their employees, which will make it easier for them to beat the competition.

Modern HR needs to:

  • Increase workforce efficiency and performance
  • Ensure the best HR processes are in place at minimum costs
  • Find the best talent today and develop the best talent for the future
  • Train the workforce to be able to perform well
  • Align the business strategy with team and individual goals

Benefits of the SAP/HR or Peoplesoft enterprise information system module for human capital management

Our services can be combined with teams from the SAP or Peoplesoft service lines. We offer a comprehensive solution which enables employees, senior management and line managers to optimize investments in human capital.

Its main benefits include:

  • A fully integrated structure of HR data
  • Automatic changes in the whole system
  • Core data linked with each HR-related module
  • A centralized database of integrated information on employees from different systems
  • Real-time access to information
  • Administration of only one system
  • A fully-integrated system with other modules of SAP, e.g., FI, SD, CO etc.
  • Use of the same methods and techniques

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