Post-Merger Integration Services

Effective HR integration forms the basis for an organization’s successful transformation

Acquisitions are extremely difficult for the entire organization; however, they can have a negative impact especially on employees which can lead to lower performance. Deloitte will help you to plan, manage and communicate the transformation carefully but quickly to align all HR processes so that you can focus on your business goals and utilize the possible synergy.

When to consider Post-Merger Integration Services

Post-Merger Integration Services should be considered when your company wants to:

  • Align HR processes, design new organizational structure and plan its staffing
  • Align the recruitment of new employees (main success factors, identification of key talents, selection processes, staffing strategy, lowering recruitment costs)
  • Align performance management (reviews of remuneration and the performance management system)
  • Align IT support, and a new HR infrastructure
  • Align corporate culture with communication (ready to change assessment, objections and possible problems identification, development of integrated internal and external communication strategy before, during and after integration)

Benefits of Post-Merger Integration Services

  • An external expert can provide an objective and unbiased point of view.
  • Thanks to Deloitte’s experience and know-how, your organization will be able to avoid the most common mistakes and problems during acquisition (only 40% of acquisitions are successful; 60% face major problems that prevent them from gaining valuable benefits).
  • Unpopular processes are performed quickly but carefully.
  • Deloitte uses the integrating companies’ internal resources for a successful transformation.
  • Thanks to our deep knowledge and experience in psychology, we are able to help you fine-tune areas like culture, change management and communication.

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